Horror! Woman Swallows 5-Inch Spoon While Trying To Use It To Remove Bone From Her Throat

A woman in China had to undergo surgery after accidentally swallowing a metal spoon when she was using it to dislodge a fish bone stuck in her throat.

The patient, named as Lili, left the 13-centimetre (five-inch) long utensil in her body for at least four days because she didn’t experience any pain or discomfort, Chinese media reported.

Following an X-ray and an endoscopy – where a tiny plastic tube with an attached camera is inserted in the patient’s body – doctors in Shenzhen retrieved the utensil from the patient’s duodenum.

The careless woman swallowed the stainless steel spoon before the Qingming Festival on April 5 and thought it was too much trouble to go to the hospital during the public holiday, according to Shenzhen Evening News.

She then decided to wait for several days as she didn’t feel any pain in her stomach.

The woman arrived at the Shenzhen Nanshan Hospital last Monday and doctors immediately conducted a check-up.

An X-ray image shows the shadow of the metal spoon in the patient’s duodenum and doctors decided to conduct an endoscopy to extract the utensil.

‘As the spoon was in a somewhat horizontal position, we carefully adjusted it before pulling it out vertically,’ according to Dr Sun Tingji at the hospital’s endoscopy department.

The entire procedure lasted just over 10 minutes, he added.

‘The woman was trying to retrieve a fish bone stuck in her throat when she accidentally lost her grip and swallowed the spoon,’ Dr Cheng Chunsheng said.

He added that the metal object had caused some swelling and erosion in the patient’s duodenum.

The woman has been discharged from hospital following treatment, the report added.

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