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‘I Can Have Sex 5 Times Daily’ – Actress Ugonma Kalu (Photos)

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Ugonma Kalu

In a recent interview, fast rising Nollywood actress Ugonma Kalu open up on how Nigerian actresses fund their luxurious lifestyle.
The Igbo born thespian also talked about sex for role in Nollywood and her personal life.

1: How was growing up like?
Growing up has never been easy. There is always high tide and low tide.

I am the last Child of my mum and as of then the last child in the family.
My parents were, at times, a bit more strict and my elderly ones too. We are Catholics so i grew up in a religious Christian background where they often tell me don’t do this or that!

2: Why did you decide to go into acting?
I will say it is a passion, i started with primary school drama. The passion kept pushing me that while seeking University admission, i wanted to study Theatre Art. I have always loved creativity and entertainment.

3: Does acting fund your luxurious lifestyle?
It will be wrong for anyone to solely depend on a particular profession or source of income presently with the unstable economy we have in Nigeria. Like the say, you can’t store your eggs in one basket. But there’s money in acting just keep pushing.

4: Are you in a relationship? With who?
That’s personal, not sure I want to reveal that.

5: Can you date an actor?
Hmmmmm! I can’t oh! I think we both will be too busy for each other abeg

6: What’s your take on sex for role in Nollywood, have you ever experienced such? How do you handle it?
I hear people talk about these matter, funny enough i have never been approached on that.
Most directors i know and have worked with are just responsible and strict.

Maybe it happened before, here, most directors are professionals besides why on earth will you subject yourself to that point. I can’t give you sex for a role, knowing i am good in my job. Sex should be a two way thing. Something must make us do it.

6: Who is your role model and why?
My mother, because she is a giver.

7: Your celebrity crush?
Omg! Kalu ikeagwu

8: It’s alleged that most actresses sleep with sugar daddies to make ends meet, how do you respond to that?

What did you call it? Sugar daddies, any daddy that is sugar should also be delicious to taste! I am just joking oh! To me it’s personal, anyhow anyone can make ends meet as far as it is not deadly and evil to me it’s fine. Sugar daddies or sweet mummie, sugarboy ooh, i careless.

9: How often do you have sex?
Aaaaah!!! Honestly, I love sex. As long as you can satisfy me very well, we can have it as much as we want, even 5 times daily.

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